Inner Self Teachings is a journey that focuses on the process of inner self realization, centering on attaining a clear understanding of what it means to live a mindful and awakened life, in alignment with the isness and reality of life vs. the idea of how life should be.

It is the deep realization that we are always home, that we are one with life, therefore we are never alone, and true power lies only within us. We are far beyond more what our minds could ever imagine, and being here truly is a special event.

Whether you are looking for a virtual course or a private coaching session, Inner Self Teachings focuses on the following topics, among many more:
  • Recognizing our inherited conditioning and its automated functioning
  • The meaning of being identified, and therefore emotionally dependent
  • Deconstructing within, creating space and flowing with life
  • Understanding the integrated world of duality
  • Facing anxiety and stress
  • Expectations vs Reality
  • The power and benefits behind emotional triggers
  • Myths about spiritual awakening
  • Overcoming fear of the unknown and embracing the uncertainty of life
  • Connecting vs Controlling
  • Living in the present and increasing awareness
  • Worthiness, Freedom, Wisdom

Inner Self Teachings is for those seeking to live a more meaningful, peaceful, yet empowered life, in alignment with their most authentic self, through presence and consciousness.

Hello, I am Carolina Tallar

Thank you for visiting Inner Self Teachings.

At an early age in life something within me started to doubt what I knew to be the truth . The truth about who we are, what to believe in, how life should be, and ultimately our purpose here on this planet. I knew there was more, I just didn't know what more. This questioning created a seeker in me which led into a lifetime journey of spiritual growth, and as I continue to deepen within the ever-evolving world of consciousness, it has become my passion to support those who find themselves in this path of inner self realization.

I loved the support, curiosity and neutrality in which Carolina held the space needed in order for me to become conscious and obtain clarity within my life. Carolina is a person that naturally and genuinely brings lucidness. Thank you Caro.

Lineth Valerio